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iPhone 12 Pro Cell Phone Strap + Silicone Case Combination Very Pretty PHONECKLACE

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Date 2022-12-28

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I used a PHONECKLACE silicone case with a cell phone strap as a previous phone case.

There were a lot of prettier designs this time, so I picked it up again~


This time, the cell phone strap is not as long as a cell phone necklace case or crossbody, but it is long enough to be lightly worn on the wrist.

It is a product for a necklace case that is easy to connect to a silicone case and detachable with an 18k plated metal ring about 38cm long.


It's a bold chain, but it's light in weight, so there's no burden on your wrist.


Don't you hate the feeling of your heart sinking when you're about to drop your expensive smartphone from your hand? >.<

I think it's good to be free from such nervousness if you have a cell phone strap

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