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Never lose your phone!

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Date 2022-12-28

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Let me introduce you to a REAL deal, a lifestyle upgrade item that will make your daily life more comfortable and stylish.

A PHONECKLACE is a cell phone necklace case, but if you use a sub ring,

It can also be used to hang items that are difficult to carry in one's hand, such as an AirPods case, keyring, or car keys.


PHONECKLACE straps are also available in a variety of colors, patterns, and thicknesses.

There is also the pleasure of choosing chain straps, rope straps, etc. to suit your own style:)


There were times when I was in a hurry and dropped my phone, and when I was wearing clothes without pockets, I bit my mouth.

Even if you just put it down from your hand, it's safe because it's attached to your body like a necklace, and it's comfortable because your hands are free.

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